Entering into any agreement can have a significant and possibly detrimental effect on an individual or a business. It is therefore essential that any agreement that a business or an individual enters into should be carefully considered and the terms thereof negotiated and discussed with an Attorney. Gjersoe Incorporated specialises in drafting Commercial Agreements, which may range from a Shareholder's Agreement (which should always be entered into between shareholders in any company, regardless of whether they are family or friends) to Terms of Business, Loan, Distribution, Agency or Franchise agreements. In essence we can assist with any agreement that one requires to conduct business. 

Not only does the firm offer excellent legal advice in relation to commercial agreements, it is sometimes useful to have someone who is objective and has commercial experience to comment on and make suggestions in regard to the commercial terms of an agreement into which you are intending entering. Succinctly put, we will be able to assist you. 

We specialise in commercial litigation. In litigation there are unfortunately no guarantees, however excellent and thorough preparation, from well before the matter proceeds to litigation, is imperative and greatly increases your chances of success.

The senior director has a great deal of experience in urgent commercial applications, where the situation requires quick and effective action on the part of your attorney. Unfair/unlawful competition and breaches of restraint of trade are specific areas of expertise of the senior director who also has a great deal of experience with Anton Piller applications. 

If you have a commercial matter that has developed into a dispute or is causing a business or individual to lose money, for example, we can assist and will do our utmost to ensure that your rights are protected. 

The firm also has excellent relationships with a number of the leading advocates in Johannesburg and we work closely with them as and when the situation demands.

No business in South Africa can operate without being exposed to issues pertaining to labour law. It is imperative, in order to achieve success today, to ensure that, not only do you comply with the necessary labour laws but that you are proactive in managing your employees.

Procedures and policies should be put in place and complied with so as to ensure that employees know exactly what is required of them and the consequences should they not comply with those requirements.

On the other side of the coin we have and continue to advise employees, who are also clients of the firm, on unfair dismissals, automatically unfair dismissals and unilateral changes to their terms of employment, amongst others.

The senior director has advised listed companies on restructuring and redundancies, chairs disciplinary hearings, represents clients at the CCMA and Labour court, advises clients on the employment consequences involved on the transfer of a going concern and drafted many disciplinary codes and procedures.

If you have a labour law issue that you require advice on or assistance with, we can help.

Having been in practice for a number of years the senior director has dealt with a range of personal issues, including divorces, maintenance, access, family violence interdicts, ante nuptial contracts and wills. We can accordingly assist with most personal or private matters.