Dear client,

"May you live in interesting times"

We are most certainly living in very interesting times at the moment! As we are watching, the world is changing before our very eyes. “Interesting times” is more of a curse in the business world than a blessing, although change and difficult times can certainly lead to great opportunities.

These are extremely disconcerting and difficult times for businesses (and individuals) that are trying to manoeuvre through an uncertain period in extraordinary circumstances. While there is a lock down for at least 21 days, starting at midnight on Thursday, 26 March 2020, there is a possibility that this may be extended further dependent on the impact the lock down has on the spread of COVID 19. There is a general feeling of panic in the air as nobody knows exactly what is going to happen. This is not the time to freeze in panic, but rather to act decisively and positively and ensure that business does carry on as usual (as possible) and that your business is leaner, meaner and ready to take advantage of the post COVID 19 world.

While we at Gjersöe Inc will not be in the office, as we are precluded from being there, from 27 March 2020 until 16 April 2020, we will still very much be available, willing, able and prepared to assist you, as normal, with all of your needs and requirements. Very little will therefore change for you in your interactions with us. We will be available on our cell phones, the numbers for each of us are set out below, and the entire office will be receiving, responding and attending to their e-mails. All instructions will accordingly be handled as if we were in the office. There is therefore no need to let things pile up for when the lock down comes to an end.

This lock down is also the perfect opportunity for you to get to the things that you have been putting off for so long because you were too busy to deal with it in the past – that is if the lock down does not actually made you busier! This could include the drafting of or the reviewing of new contracts, amendments to terms of business, employment contracts, leases and all other types of business contracts you have previously not had the time to pay the requisite attention to. There will also, undoubtedly, be the need to deal with labour matters – either as employer or employee. We are here to help and to alleviate the stress and strain that dealing with such matters may cause in this already stressful time.

Please feel free to contact us at any time and continue to interact with us as normal.

We can assure you of our continued and best attention always pursuing our thee core principles of Service, Integrity and Success.

We wish you all the very best in these difficult times and look forward to assisting you through them and out the other side.

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