On 23 April 2020 President Cyril Ramaphosa announced a phased risk based strategy to begin attempting to re-open our economy.


Whilst this announcement will undoubtedly be met with a sigh of relief from many, we would advise caution against rushing back to work – as South Africans did when we allowed to exercise again – without understanding and appreciating the fact that Level 4 only entitles certain permitted and essential services to be performed and then only strictly in accordance with the regulations


Should you be among the few businesses eligible to return to work, your employees will all be required to be in possession of a valid permit, correctly issued, as per the regulations, to be able to do so. Your employees must at all times, while carrying out their duties (and on the way to or from the office), be able to present the permit and proof of identity to any peace officer requesting sight of same.


We have, since the commencement of the lockdown, assisted many of our clients with incidents relating to incorrect/faulty permits and unlawful arrests and store/business closures.


We also recommend that, prior to opening your business, you seek legal advice, as the latest regulations also contain a multitude of safety and compliance provisions and requirements which are being strictly enforced by designated COVID-19 business inspectors and members of the South African Police Services.


We furthermore wish to remind our clients that, regrettably, government has chosen to criminalise non-compliance with the COVID – 19 regulations. The consequence of this could well be that you could, unwittingly, commit a breach of the regulations which constitutes an offence and that therefore results in a fine and/or prison time with the further consequence being a criminal record.


At Gjersöe Inc, we stand ready to advise and assist you with the preparation of the requisite permits, as well as advising and assisting you in preparing your business to open and remain in compliance with the Level 4 requirements.


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