About Us

The senior director of the firm, Carl Fagelund-Gjersoe, is an admitted Attorney and is authorised to appear in the High Court of South Africa. Additionally, he has been admitted as a Solicitor in England and Wales and practised in the United Kingdom for 3 years in various financial institutions, as well as law firms in the City of London. He has also practiced as an attorney in South Africa for a number of years and was a partner in a commercial practice until he decided to open Gjersoe Incorporated. Having practiced in one of the financial capitals of the world he understands the principle of urgency and business sense. He accordingly has a wealth of international and national experience to offer to his clients and due to his sound relationships with firms in the UK he is able to assist with matters in the UK and the European Union. 

The firm's clients include a number of listed entities and it has and continues to assist overseas clients in their operations and dealings within South Africa, including advising on BEE strategy and transactions. No matter what industry you find yourself in it is inevitable that sooner or later you are going to require the services on an Attorney. The firm is also fortunate enough to have Insurance Companies, Employment Agencies, Advertising Agencies, Production Companies, Finance and Office Automation Companies, Printing and Promotional Companies among its many clients. 

Gjersoe Incorporated is supported by excellent support staff and has all the necessary facilities to enable the firm to provide the service expected of much larger firms.

In order to assist clients further, when it is possible, a representative of the firm will visit you at your offices to eliminate as much travelling and waiting time for its clients as possible. 


In terms of the final Codes of Good Practice the firm qualifies as an Exempted Micro Enterprise (EME). Accordingly, it is automatically classified as a level four contributor, meaning that 100% of a client's spend on legal services provided by the firm will contribute to achieving the required procurement level. Furthermore, using the services of EMEs entitles the client to obtain further points in the scorecards.