Company Profile

Gjersoe Incorporated is a legal firm unlike other legal firms. What sets us apart is our dedication to five core business fundamentals: 



Gjersoe Incorporated has built its reputation on client service. Each and every client is treated with the same respect, dedication and professionalism ensuring an unrivalled degree of customer care and quality service. We provide a personal yet professional service to all our clients regardless of the complexity or nature of their needs. We provide this service irrespective of whether the client is a blue-chip corporate or an individual.Our clients are all provided with the senior directors cell phone number and have 24 hour a day access to him. We also understand and appreciate that our clients concerns are very important to them and we accordingly deal with these as quickly and effectively as possible. We have excellent support staff which enables the firm to respond quickly and professionally to all our clients needs.



This is a quintessential quality for an attorney to possess and Gjersoe Incorporated will not employ any person, whether advocate or employee, who does not meet the exceptionally high standards set and complied with by the senior director.
Clients are invited to discuss all matters freely - assured of our discretion and objectivity and secure in the knowledge that it is the firms sole intention and purpose to represent the client and protect their interests as best as is legally possible.



The aim of any business or venture is success. When involving a third party - such as an attorney - you need to be sure that this third party will contribute, if not ensure, success. By retaining Gjersoe Incorporated, you are securing a firm with a wealth of experience in negotiating and drafting all types of business agreements or documents that undoubtedly contribute to the success of its clients. In addition, we are experienced in resolving disputes, either through litigation or other forms of dispute resolution, and have achieved a high degree of success having properly advised our clients of the risks associated with their cases.


Knowledge / Experience / Skill

The senior director has practiced in the corporate and commercial departments of various law firms in the City of London as a solicitor and has been in partnership in South Africa for a number of years. His specialities lie in commercial and corporate law, litigation and labour law and he currently advises listed and private companies, SMMEs and private clients in these matters. For further information on Gjersoe Incorporateds experience, click here.


International connections

As a result of the senior director's experience in the UK, Gjersoe Incorporated maintains excellent working relationships with City of London law firms, which enables the firm to cover various aspects of international deals with solicitors who are known personally to the senior director.


Prior to conducting any work on behalf of a client, the client will be required to complete and sign a fee agreement agreeing to our terms and conditions, a copy of which is available on request. When becoming a client of the firm one must comply with necessary legislation and proof of residence and identification may be required.